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Sade Adu’s Daughter Has Now Officially ‘TRANSITIONED’ Into Becoming A MAN “Check Out The Pics


Mickailia “Ila” Adu, singer Sade’s only child, came out as a transgender man in an Instagram post, according to Towel Road.

In a post on his private Instagram account, Ila posted a picture of himself captioned “today is the first day of the rest of my life. 4/10/16.” The caption included a sun and needle emoji, and some hashtags indicating Ila is starting on hormone therapy. The hashtags included #ftm, #transman, #proud and #yaaassss.

Previously, 20-year-old Ila identified as a lesbian woman, but now has come out as transgender. According to Towel Road, it’s not clear whether Ila will change his name.

Ila’s announcement coincided with National Coming Out Day, a day meant to encourage people to open up about their identity to family, friends and the world. To encourage young people all over to come out, singer Troye Sivan compiled a few tips in a video for Rolling Stone.

It took a lot of time, doctors help, and support of her family and friends for her to get to this point. We’re happy that we live in a world where she was able to live the life she wants.

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