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the risks Of Vaccine


the dangers of vaccinations to your kid’s long term health potentialities and sturdiness itself a ways outweigh any doable advantages touted via the pharmaceutical industry for vaccines. The LIES and misinformation about vaccine benefits from the drug trade is voluminous, overwhelming, and statistically provable. do not enable your kid to move on the slicing block for these Liars and their profit margins. they are not working for you, they may be servants of the company elite/Illuminati and the Illuminati has a surreptitious inhabitants reduction agenda in location.

just say NO!

inform the physician, tell the health center, tell the school, tell the nurse, inform the service provider, inform the government bureaucrats, tell the well being department, or anyone else who is making an attempt to drive you or your kids to take vaccines in opposition to your will….”as a result of it’s a must to take them”, inform them… NO.

it doesn’t matter what they are saying or threaten you with, inform them ….NO.

No vaccines…. ever. period. that you would be able to read why beneath:

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Vaccine risks

A prime website online for info on vaccine dangers and what to do to steer clear of ‘obligatory’ vaccination. for more information, contact Donna Carillo or Ingri Cassel :< Services4Health@aol.com >

1. to acquire faculty vaccine exemption varieties: http://www.vaclib.org/exemption.htm

2. State via State Anti-vaccine instruments (http://www.vaclib.org/felony/stateresource.htm)

  • Vac truth (http://vactruth.com/) added Dec. 26, 2010
    • Are vaccines secure? Did they honestly lead to a decline in illness in the united states and somewhere else? If not, what did?

This website is dedicated to those who have suffered needlessly.


intensive new web page with a number of info on the dangers that early vaccination current to infants and very young children. neatly worth the time. .

VRAN is Canada’s most popular group to advocate for informed possibility in making vaccination choices. fashioned in 1992, it used to be born of the committee that ten years previous received an exemption of sense of right and wrong from vaccines required by means of the Ontario ‘Immunization of college scholars Act’. VRAN recommends consumers beware of flu shot propaganda; we hang people and companies accountable for deceptive information about influenza and its vaccine.


    • net host Ian Sinclair has written three books to date defining the hazards of vaccines. His 17 years of research into the pitfalls of vaccines is summarized on his page describing his background (http://www.vaccinationdebate.com/about.html). He bargains an open problem to debate any doctor in the world on the merits of vaccinations. In 1985, Ian decided that his twelve months old kid’s first extreme allergy to vaccine was once going to be his remaining response to any type of vaccine. He already was studying the natural means, but now decided to jump in with each ft. He needs you to find the same truths that he has present in following Nature’s ideas. a terrific website online. inspect his links web page while you’re there.
  • ThinkTwice world Vaccine Institute (http://thinktwice.com/)
      • Welcome to the Thinktwice global Vaccine Institute site. we provide an extensive number of uncensored knowledge on childhood shots and other immunizations. because that is such a very powerful topic, we imagine that oldsters are entitled to a full disclosure of all pertinent knowledge, and the freedom to decide on whether or to not vaccinate their children.
  • Vaccine safety web site  (http://vaccines.internet)
    • Dr. JB Classen has some revealing information on the issues generated by way of vaccines. take a look. (email:Classen@vaccines.net
  • VaccineWebsite.com  (http://www.whale.to/vaccines.html)

It was advised two years in the past through a CIA scientist working towards his will that in truth microchips had been so small they have been being inserted by using injection all the way through “vacination.” that is but every other the most important motive not to have our kids vacinated:

  • I have always been vaccinated as well as my kids. Good that you’re spreading awareness to those with small children who have not yet been exposed. Thank goodness neither myself nor my children had any adverse side effects.

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  • I have been vaccinated and so has my child. Thanks for spreading the information about this highly controversial topic.

  • I do think it is great to spread awareness about important topics such as vaccines, but myself and my children have always been vaccinated. I think this topic is very controversial. My friend did not get her baby vaccinated and he ended up very sick with an illness that you do not hear normally. It was very serious. It scared me so I then promised myself that when I had kids I would always vaccinate. And I do!

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